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September 8, 2015 by Hot Rods by Boyd

HR-99 Tungsten and Black

Phil Pasilla sent us these pics of his 1956 Chevy with staggered 18 and 20″ HR-99’s. 18×8 and 20×12 with Tungsten centers and black lips. Looks great.



June 12, 2015 by Hot Rods by Boyd

HR-55 Matte/Gloss Black

Below is our HR-55 with matte black center and gloss black lip. We then added the .25″ red stripe to the lip. For more info on the HR-55 and Pro Touring Series click the image or give us a call if you have any questions. 714-855-4808

HR-55 with red stripe

June 17, 2014 by Hot Rods by Boyd

HR-01 Black and Polished

PRo Touring HR-01 black/polished

February 28, 2014 by Hot Rods by Boyd

HR-99 Two Tone – Tungsten center and Black lip

The HR-99 shown in 20″ with a Coddington CoatingĀ  Tungsten center and a Black lip. We specialize in custom finishes. Get your next set of wheels in a two tone finish like this.

1-DSC_1722 1-DSC_1739-001

January 4, 2014 by Hot Rods by Boyd

HR-74 Black

Shown here in 18″ with our Coddington Coating black finish and polished lip.





Luke Aikins Camaro HR-74 Black

October 15, 2013 by Hot Rods by Boyd

HR-74 in black with new HRBB logo

Our HR-74 shown in Coddington Coating Black ceramic with our new HRBB/Hot Rods by Boyd logo. The new logo will be an option on all our new Pro Touring wheels.

Hot Rods by Boyd HR-74 Pro Touring wheel in black

May 16, 2013 by Hot Rods by Boyd

Gotcha Series Futura with Combination Black and Polished Finish

The Gotcha Series is our take on a clean straight forward 5 spoke wheel that would look good on a range of vehicles. In it’s simplicity there are still subtle details to really make this wheel attract attention especially when it’s painted. This combination paint shown here accents the peak of the spoke with the tapered sides that give you a 3D type of spoke shape but keep it in the more affordable price range of the Gotcha Series. The Futura is available fully polished or painted in 17-22″ diameters to fit most 5 lug applications.

January 16, 2013 by Hot Rods by Boyd

HR-22 with a killer two tone finish of silver and black

This HR-22 has a two tone finish featuring our Coddington Coatings in Silver and Black. This would be the perfect wheel and finish combination for a high tech sleek looking pro touring set up. We can do any of our wheels in these two tone finishes and in any combination. For more information give us a cal 866-612-2693.

HR-22 in two tone

October 8, 2012 by Hot Rods by Boyd

Red Stripe Blacked Out JYDs

Our good customer Pete sent us these pics of his Camaro with some blacked out JYDs. These 18″ Junk Yard Dogs were treated with an all satin black paint with a red stripe added by Pete. Good job and great looking ride.

Camaro with blacked out Junk Yard Dogs

Red stripe on some blacked out JYDs

April 25, 2017 by Hot Rods by Boyd

Cerakote Colors

At HRBB we take pride in our designs and the custom finishes we come up for them. A big part of the success we have with how are finished wheels come out is due to the amount of time we spend detailing each and every wheel and the quality coatings we apply to them. Hot Rods by Boyd is proud to use Cerakote as our coating of choice for most of our wheel line up. Not only is it a durable finish that holds up to the high temperatures of the assembly process but it has an amazing look to it that transforms even those plainest of billet designs into a work of art. The links below will take you to different examples of the Cerakote colors used on different wheels that have left our shop.