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March 17, 2015 by Hot Rods by Boyd

Our Pro Touring Profile Crowbar-Pro Bar

For those running bigger brakes we have taken our Crowbar design and put it into our Pro Touring Profile. The main difference between the two profiles is the Gotcha being the flat profile with .875″ caliper clearance and the Pro Touring being a curved back convex profile with up to 2″ of caliper clearance. The Pro Bar, as we call it, is available in all the same sizes and finishes as the rest of our Pro Touring wheels. If you are trying to decide which series you need to run you can check out our fitment charts here and look at measurement E on the front measuring guide. Anything less than .875″ and you can run Gotcha. Anything more and you have to run the Pro Touring profile. For more information give us a call at 866-612-2693 PRo Touring Wheels Pro Bar
October 28, 2014 by Hot Rods by Boyd

HR-01 Titanium and Polished

HR-01bronze Shown 20×12 with 4″ backspace
October 18, 2014 by Hot Rods by Boyd

HR-01 Cobalt and Brushed

19×11 HR-01 shown with a Coddington Coatings Cobalt center and brushed outer. hr01cobaltbrushed
October 3, 2014 by Hot Rods by Boyd

HR-55 The Next Level of Pro Touring Wheels

If you are looking for the next level of Pro Touring wheel look no further. The HR-55 takes built to order, strong, design conscious wheel manufacturing to another level. The HR-55 is available for most 5 lug applications with enough brake clearance to accommodate most aftermarket brake packages. We offer a variety of finishes from painted center, polished lip, to brushed and painted. The choices is yours. For more information or to order a set give us a call at 866-612-2693 or email us at Sales. hr55damshot
July 19, 2014 by Hot Rods by Boyd

The New HR-55

We are proud to introduce our latest design to our Pro Touring Series. The HR-55 is the next generation of Pro Touring and Performance wheels. We styled this wheel with performance in mind while adding as much detail as possible to give you a wheel that is strong, lightweight, and will look great on a range of vehicles. The HR-55 is available in 17-20″ with more sizes coming soon. We build this for most 5 lug applications and in a range of widths from 7″-15″. Custom sizes are available. Like all the HRBB Pro Touring series wheels the HR-55 is made to order and clears most aftermarket brake packages. Shown here in both polished finish and our Coddington Coating Ceramic Charcoal and polished lip. For more information on these give us a call.     1-DSC_0703-0011-DSC_0751
June 17, 2014 by Hot Rods by Boyd

HR-01 Black and Polished

PRo Touring HR-01 black/polished
February 28, 2014 by Hot Rods by Boyd

HR-99 Two Tone – Tungsten center and Black lip

The HR-99 shown in 20″ with a Coddington Coating  Tungsten center and a Black lip. We specialize in custom finishes. Get your next set of wheels in a two tone finish like this. 1-DSC_1722 1-DSC_1739-001
January 24, 2014 by Hot Rods by Boyd

HR-99 shown in Charcoal and Brushed

brushedlipcharcoalhr99   The HR-99 shown here in 20″ with our Coddington Coating Charcoal center and a brushed outer lip. Contact HRBB for more information on our fitments and finishes. 866-612-2693
January 3, 2014 by Hot Rods by Boyd

HR-01 Concave Option

The HR-01 Concave shown with polished lip and Cobalt center. Concave wheel options are available for 18 and 20″ in widths of 9″ or greater. Or for applications with minimal hub clearance. For more information call 866-612-2693 hr01concavecobalt
November 11, 2013 by Hot Rods by Boyd

HR-74 on a Camaro

Our customer Luke Aikins sent in pics of his camaro with a staggered set of HR-74 with black centers and polished lips.