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May 24, 2013 by Hot Rods by Boyd

Have A Safe Memorial Day Weekend

To all my American friends and customers have a great Memorial Day Weekend. America is the best country in the world and the birthplace of hot rodding. Remember all the people that gave their lives to protect this country and the great freedoms we have. From all of us at Hot Rods by Boyd. Party hard and party safe.

May 23, 2013 by Hot Rods by Boyd

Project Genesis with Centennials

Time for another project vehicle. This little Chevy shortbed is going to be built as a little 25th  anniversary of the trucks that really put Sportrucks on the map. When this body style first came out my father was all over them. Grabbing one of the first trucks off the lot the first thing he did was lower it and put a set of billet wheels on it. Most of the early development of lowering kits and aftermarket accessories for the Sport Truck scene started at Hot Rods by Boyd. This truck will pay tribute to that with a nice clean two tone paint job, static drop, but with a little update on the wheel selection. This little Chevy will be decked out in some new Gotcha Series Centennials running standard profiles in the front and concave profiles in the rear. 20×8.5 and 20×10. Keep checking back for more updates.

May 16, 2013 by Hot Rods by Boyd

Gotcha Series Futura with Combination Black and Polished Finish

The Gotcha Series is our take on a clean straight forward 5 spoke wheel that would look good on a range of vehicles. In it’s simplicity there are still subtle details to really make this wheel attract attention especially when it’s painted. This combination paint shown here accents the peak of the spoke with the tapered sides that give you a 3D type of spoke shape but keep it in the more affordable price range of the Gotcha Series. The Futura is available fully polished or painted in 17-22″ diameters to fit most 5 lug applications.

May 13, 2013 by Hot Rods by Boyd

20″ Vendetta’s on a 2003 Lightning

One of my customers sent me these pics of his 2003 Lightning with a set of 20″ Vendettas on it. Looks great.

May 13, 2013 by Hot Rods by Boyd

5th Annual Boyd BBQ 2013

Over the weekend we had the 5th Annual Boyd Coddington Memorial BBQ. Good times with good friends. We all got together to remember the man that made it all happen and to celebrate his life. Great food was served up with some music played once again by Brother Yusef layin’ down the acoustic blues. This year we had our first annual Liar’s Poker Tournament. Liar’s poker was my dad’s favorite game to play with family and friends. We had 16 people play and Walt Baynes came out victorious to be our first winner. Congrats Walt. Thanks to all that attended. Look forward to seeing everyone again next year. Also check out the article Truckin Magazine did online here

May 3, 2013 by Hot Rods by Boyd

Sometimes the simplest things make the biggest statements

While I spend a lot of time designing wheels that use every bit of the machining capabilities that are out there sometimes less is more. The less is more approach was embraced early on by my father and it was the cornerstone of what became the ‘Boyd Look’. We have customers order solid wheels from time to time and it can be hit and miss as far as how they look once they finally get on the vehicle. As you can see from these stunning photos taken by Mike Petrino this customer nailed it. This 2013 Beetle is running on 19×9 Hot Rods by Boyd solids all the way around. The Beetle’s stance is controlled by Airlift Performance front and rear bags using Airlift Autopilot v2 management.