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July 2, 2016 by Hot Rods by Boyd

HRX-1 – Part of the new HRBB HRX Series

Chris Coddington and Hot Rods by Boyd are proud to announce the first of four designs that will make up the new HRX Series. The HRX 1 is shown here in both a polished finish and a brushed and polished combination finish. Our goal at HRBB was to expand our line of Pro Touring and Performance styled wheels. The HRX1 is race inspired and built to handle the most challenging¬† aspects of running a high performance car around the track. Each HRX series wheel is 100% Made to order and made in the USA. The HRX Series will be available in 18,19 and 20″ diameters and in a range of widths up to 15″ wide. Custom widths are also available in this series. The HRX series will also feature a new machined cap that is unique to the series. For more information about the HRX series give us a call at 714-855-4808.

hrx1brushedcropped HRX1 polishedsmall

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