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August 22, 2012 by Hot Rods by Boyd

Early Boyd Build 1929 2 Door Sedan

I came across some old pictures of the very first car to be built at the Orange Ave location. This 1929 2 door sedan was started sometime after my family moved to Orange Ave and the back garage was built. This car predates the Vern Luce coupe which was built in the same location.  You can tell by the pictures that the clean ‘Boyd Look’ was starting to take shape early on. The “look” that would really take shape with the Vern Luce coupe and continue on from there. The day the customer came to the shop to take delivery of it he asked my dad if he could do a little burnout as he left. Thinking the customer was joking since he surely wouldn’t want to hammer down on the blown 350 in the first few seconds that he owned and drove the car away my dad joked back ,”Sure. Roast the tires off the thing”. Being the wild character that the customer was he rolled out onto Orange Ave and hammered it. Smoked the tires and went down Orange Ave sideways in two directions. When the customer got home the phone was ringing and it was my dad calling ” What the hell were you thinking?” The customer just laughed and said “You told me to roast the tires off the thing” . Here are some pics from that first build here at Orange Ave.