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August 14, 2012 by Hot Rods by Boyd

SOLD-Garage Sale – Custom set of 20×15 and 19×8’s-SOLD

We have a used set of wheels we’re offering at a smoking deal. I say used but they were really just used as rollers to set up a chassis. The chassis and body moved on down the road but the wheels and 2 tires remained. These were a one-off set we did about 4 years ago. They are 19×8 with a 4″ backspace and 20×15 with a  6″ backspace. The are custom powder coated to look ‘as cast’. They are a 5×4.5 bolt circle. The 2 rear Mickey Thompson’s are 29x18x20 Sportsman S/R. These guys have never seen the road and are in decent condition. We will polish them up nicely and put new caps on them for whomever buys these bad boys. The deal is smokin’ so if you think you can make em fit  send me an email or call 866-612-2693