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August 26, 2015 by Hot Rods by Boyd

Amarillo with painted accents

Here is another version of our Amarillo wheel out of our Signature Series using our Coddington Coatings Charcoal ceramic paints. After a high luster polish is achieved we go back and mask off parts of the wheel and then apply our special charcoal paint. The variations are endless. This is the latest variation thought up by Chris Coddington and Hot Rods by Boyd. For more information about the process and our unique finishes give us a call at 866-612-2693


July 19, 2014 by Hot Rods by Boyd

The New HR-55

We are proud to introduce our latest design to our Pro Touring Series. The HR-55 is the next generation of Pro Touring and Performance wheels. We styled this wheel with performance in mind while adding as much detail as possible to give you a wheel that is strong, lightweight, and will look great on a range of vehicles. The HR-55 is available in 17-20″ with more sizes coming soon. We build this for most 5 lug applications and in a range of widths from 7″-15″. Custom sizes are available. Like all the HRBB Pro Touring series wheels the HR-55 is made to order and clears most aftermarket brake packages. Shown here in both polished finish and our Coddington Coating Ceramic Charcoal and polished lip. For more information on these give us a call.




February 27, 2014 by Hot Rods by Boyd

Perfected with Charcoal Center and Brushed lip

Pictured is a 20×12 Perfected with a Charcoal Center and a brushed lip. On this one we painted the entire center instead of masking off the polished highlights. We love the look. The Coddington Ceramic Coating really highlights well on this wheel. We can do a variety of finishes on any of our wheels. Use your imagination and give us a call. 866-612-2693

Hot Rods by Boyd Perfected Charcoal and Brushed lip

October 23, 2013 by Hot Rods by Boyd

Centennial shown with Coddington Coating Bronze and Brushed with clearcoat

Here is a 20×10 Centennial shown with our Coddington Coating Bronze and with brushed face and lip. We then put a clearcoat over the brushed surfaces to lock in that nice brushed finish.

September 3, 2013 by Hot Rods by Boyd

Hate the maintenance of a polished wheel? Try our Coddington Clear

Customers ask us all the time asking for chrome. I’ve been around long enough to know that what they are really saying to me is that they hate polishing wheels. Nothing looks better than a brand new set of highly polished wheels right out of the box. Keeping that shine maintained on a polished wheel is sometimes a real chore. Until now. Going back 10-20 years people have messed with different types of clearcoats, liquids and powder coatings. Most of these were milky and killed the finish. Over the last few years we have been using a specially formulated ceramic clearcoat. It’s probably the nicest clearcoat on the market today and the only clear that we will offer. When people ask how it effects the finish I would say it only effects it by 5%. People ask for pics but as you can see below you can’t tell. And I guess that’s the whole point isn’t it? Clearcoating your polished wheel runs an extra $75-125/wheel depending on the size and design. If you are also looking at getting your existing wheels refinished and clearcoated give us a shout.

July 2, 2013 by Hot Rods by Boyd

Our new Bronze color on an HR-74

Introducing our new bronze color Coddington Coating to our ceramic paint line up. This HR-74 really pops and shows the detail in the wheel when the light hits it. This paint can be applied to any of our wheels.

May 16, 2013 by Hot Rods by Boyd

Gotcha Series Futura with Combination Black and Polished Finish

The Gotcha Series is our take on a clean straight forward 5 spoke wheel that would look good on a range of vehicles. In it’s simplicity there are still subtle details to really make this wheel attract attention especially when it’s painted. This combination paint shown here accents the peak of the spoke with the tapered sides that give you a 3D type of spoke shape but keep it in the more affordable price range of the Gotcha Series. The Futura is available fully polished or painted in 17-22″ diameters to fit most 5 lug applications.

January 16, 2013 by Hot Rods by Boyd

HR-22 with a killer two tone finish of silver and black

This HR-22 has a two tone finish featuring our Coddington Coatings in Silver and Black. This would be the perfect wheel and finish combination for a high tech sleek looking pro touring set up. We can do any of our wheels in these two tone finishes and in any combination. For more information give us a cal 866-612-2693.

HR-22 in two tone

December 8, 2012 by Hot Rods by Boyd

Painted Perfected

This is our new Signature Series Perfected wheel with Coddington Coating Silver and polished accents. Shown in a 20×10.

November 16, 2012 by Hot Rods by Boyd

Combination Charcoal and Polished on this DB5

The Double Five (DB5) is sporting a new finish. This time we chose the Coddington Coating in Charcoal. Our goal was to make the 5 spoke part of this wheel stand out with the high polish against the matte charcoal paint. For more information about this wheel our about the Coddington Coatings contact Hot Rods by Boyd at 866-612-2693