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September 3, 2013 by Hot Rods by Boyd

Hate the maintenance of a polished wheel? Try our Coddington Clear

Customers ask us all the time asking for chrome. I’ve been around long enough to know that what they are really saying to me is that they hate polishing wheels. Nothing looks better than a brand new set of highly polished wheels right out of the box. Keeping that shine maintained on a polished wheel is sometimes a real chore. Until now. Going back 10-20 years people have messed with different types of clearcoats, liquids and powder coatings. Most of these were milky and killed the finish. Over the last few years we have been using a specially formulated ceramic clearcoat. It’s probably the nicest clearcoat on the market today and the only clear that we will offer. When people ask how it effects the finish I would say it only effects it by 5%. People ask for pics but as you can see below you can’t tell. And I guess that’s the whole point isn’t it? Clearcoating your polished wheel runs an extra $75-125/wheel depending on the size and design. If you are also looking at getting your existing wheels refinished and clearcoated give us a shout.