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November 11, 2013 by Hot Rods by Boyd

HR-74 on a Camaro

Our customer Luke Aikins sent in pics of his camaro with a staggered set of HR-74 with black centers and polished lips.


June 25, 2013 by Hot Rods by Boyd

New Pro Touring Design — The HR-74

Chris Coddington and Hot Rods by Boyd our proud to announce the latest addition to our Pro Touring Series –  the HR-74. This lightweight split spoke design is shown here in 20″ and with our high luster polished finish. Simple, clean, with subtle machining details that our brought out in a variety of the finishes we use. Available in 17″ to 24″ in widths up to 15″. Any of our custom finishes can be applied to this wheel. For more info call 866-612-2693 or email

October 8, 2012 by Hot Rods by Boyd

Two-Tone HR-22’s

Titanium centers and satin black lip. This HR-22 is going on a Pro Touring 1969 Camaro. Lightweight and strong. The HR-22 is just one of many Pro Touring designs that Hot Rods by Boyd builds to your specs. These HR-22’s got the two tone paint treatment with Titanium centers and Black lips.

HR-22's with titanium center and black lipHR-22 with titanium center and black lip front shotHR-22 titanium and black two tone


August 10, 2012 by Hot Rods by Boyd

Poor Boys Hot Rods 1969 Camaro Project

For those of you that remember Dan Sobieski from American Hot Rod he now has a shop that resides in part of my dad’s old shop on Lambert Rd in La Habra. Dan’s shop is called Poor Boys Hot Rods. Don’t let the name fool you cause Dan and his crew are working on some nice high dollar, high performance builds. We are working with Poor Boys on one in particular. It’s a 1969 Camaro with all new ZR-1 suspension and drivetrain. The wheel of choice is our Pro-Touring HR-01. 19×9 up front and 20×12 in the rear. As soon as we were done machining them I press fit them in some rims and brought them over for a test fit. The beauty in dealing with 2pc welded wheels is that you can, if needed, test fit them to insure proper fit. The wheels you see in the pics are just machined. The final wheels will have a brushed center with ceramic black paint in the windows and a polished rim. Stay tuned for more updates on this build.


May 10, 2012 by Hot Rods by Boyd

Pro Touring Wheel Headquarters

19x8 and 20x12 PT-01

We have been catering to the Pro-Touring market long before that term for the latest automotive segment even existed. Originally part of our Multi-Piece Forged series the PT-01 and the rest of our Pro-Touring line cater to lightweight designs, performance brake clearances, and a wide array of sizes and backspaces. Shown above are a pair of brushed center polished outer PT-01 in 19×8 and 20×12. If your looking for the ultimate performance wheel set up look no further. Contrary to some of the information that is being thrown around out there about 3pc wheels being better than 2pc, 2pc welded construction wheels are far superior to 3pc wheels for a number of reasons. 2pc wheels are pound for pound stronger and outperform 3pc wheels in cornering and radial fatigue tests. 2pc wheels in most cases can be made lighter due to the lack of hardware. Speaking of hardware would you build a race car chassis by bolting it together or wouldn’t you just trust the strength of welding? Sizes and offsets. There is now a wide array of diameters and widths that fit 98% of the tires available for performance vehicles. Both our centers and our outers are made of 6061 aluminum unlike most 3pc rim shells that are made of 5000 series aluminum. Now the only thing 3pc wheels have over 2pc wheels is the ability to chrome the wheels. If your into that then go for it, but if your into a nice looking wheel that performs stick with 2pc.