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Tools - Online Wheel Fitment Form

Use the following form to submit the wheel measurements for your vehicle.

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Please observe the following points when measuring your vehicle:

  • Park your vehicle on level ground
  • Jack and support the vehicle with jack stands
  • Compress suspension to ride height
  • You will need a rigid straight edge at last 30 inches long

Place a flat edge against the mounting surface of the brake drum/rotor. Measure the distance from the flat edge to the first object that the wheel/tire will come in contact with, in this instance it would be the fender liner. The measurement tells you how much backspace is available.

With the flat edge still placed against the mounting surface, measure from the flat edge to the inside of the fender lip. This measurement added with the above measurement will give you the available wheel width.

This is the brake rotor diameter measurement. You will need to multiply this measurement by 2 to determine the minimum inside diameter of the size you can run. Some aftermarket brake systems require a larger wheel diameter for clearance purposes.

Hub diameter measurement. This is normally only needed in instances where you may have changed the front to an aftermarket setup.

Again,with the flat edge against the mounting surface, measure to the front edge of the brake caliper. This measurement is needed to assure the wheel center clears the caliper. Many aftermarket brake systems require more clearance, so if you have or are planning on installing an upgraded brake system let your salesman know this so that he may take the appropriate steps to be sure your wheels bolt on with no interference.

This measurement will be needed to allow clearance for the center cap to be fitted.

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