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November 28, 2016 by Hot Rods by Boyd

HRX-4 on Penfound Design Scramjet Camaro

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Barry Penfound of Penfound design on a number of his projects. Last year Barry came to us with his Scramjet concept and wanted us to build a set of one off wheels for it. The result was a full face covered lug wheel we did in a brushed and polished finish. After showing the car a few times with that set of wheels Barry hit us up about changing the look of the car with some of the new HRX-4 series wheels. The decision to go with 19×8 and 19×10 HRX-4’s with a combination charcoal and brushed finish really changed the look and showed off our new wheels rather nicely.

  • Build/Concept:   Penfound Design
  • Owner: Jack Matia
  • Photo: Barry Penfound
  • Car: 1970 Chevrolet ‘Scramjet’ Camaro”
  • HRBB HRX-4 19×8 and 19×10 brushed and charcoal finish